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DSL password (Default is '''password''', if you reset modem)
DSL password (Default is '''admin''', if you reset modem)
|Where to go in Menu:  
|Where to go in Menu:  

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Summary of Configuration Information and Changes
Modem Login Page:                           

Modem Administrator User Name:      

Modem Administrator Password:


DSL password (Default is admin, if you reset modem)

Where to go in Menu: Wireless→Advanced or

Wireless→2.4 GHz band→ Advanced

  • Channel: Switch from Auto to Least Congested Channel (Usually 3,4, 8 or 9)

1. Using an Ethernet cable plug into one of the yellow LAN Ports at the back of the SmartRG modem. Connect to the Network NCF_XXXX on your computer. Your computer should indicate an Ethernet connection as opposed to a wireless one.

2. Open an Internet browser on your computer and connect to the modem by typing in the address bar. 

3. Click on the Manage Gateway(Advanced)” Log in to the Administrative Account:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: Your DSL password   (Default is password, if you reset modem)
SmartRG SR505n Login Page
SmartRG modem Login Page

4. From the Device Info page, navigate to Wireless menu option on the left.

5. Click on the Advanced submenu link on the left hand side, under the Wireless Menu (or under Wireless → 2.4 GHz Band Menu)

SR505n WiFi Channel Selection
SR505n WiFi Channel Selection

6. On the Wireless-- Advanced settings page, make the following changes:

  • Channel: Change from Auto to channel with the least interference as determined by your wireless interference tests. Try 3,4, 8 or 9

7. Click Apply/Save at the bottom of the page.


  • Wireless channels shouldn't have to be changed often (more than once every 6-12 months). If you find yourself making these changes too frequently, you may have to invest in a mid to high end router with additional channels on the 5Ghz frequency. Contact support@ncf.ca for recommendations if needed.

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