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Community Access Fund (CAF)

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The Community Access Fund was launched in December 2016 but builds on NCF's history. The Fund will help provide high speed Internet services to people in our community who may have difficulty affording and/or accessing it.

The CAF will include a number of specific projects and services.

Ottawa Community Housing Partnership - New Community Access Plan

NCF has just announced a new Community Access plan for all Ottawa Community Housing tenants.

The plan includes our high-speed DSL internet up to 6mbps, including unlimited usage and free line installation for $25.00 + HST/month.

Those without a land-line phone service will also need a dry line, which costs an additional $5.00 + HST per month. They will also need to purchase a modem (refurbished modems are available, but availability and costs vary).

This service was launched on Tuesday, 3 January 2017. Full details of the community access plan are on the NCF website.

Anyone who wants to be contacted about the plan when it becomes available should call: 613-721-8445 to leave a message with their name, full mailing address of the address where internet is desired, and contact information or email: caf@ncf.ca.

Some CAF-OCH Details

  1. Applicants for the special offer must be existing OCH tenants. Their DSL install address must validate against the OCH housing list.
  2. All other DSL plans are available to OCH tenants, but the special rate applies only to the 6M unlimited plan.
  3. There are no special prices on new modems as part of this offering. However the following options exist:
    1. Purchase a new modem outright - normal approach
    2. Purchase a new modem in four (maximum) equal installments
    3. Purchase one of our used modems (availability and costs vary - call 613-721-1773 for inventory inqueries)
  4. The CAF-OCH plan is possible in part to a gift from the estate of one of NCF's first members, Gunther Abrahamson, and due to ongoing donations from many of their other members.