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DLink Router Configuration

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This page outlines how to set up a DLink router to work with a DSL modem in Bridge Mode.

How to configure a DLink Router

A typical DLink router, the model EBR 2310

Look at the bottom of the DLink router to see if there is information about the configuration page address. The model used for this help page is a DLink EBR-2310, but many others have a similar interface.

  1. When you have logged in (the example router has a user ID of "admin" and no password), then under "Setup" at the top, and "Internet" at the left, select "Manual Internet Connection Setup."
  2. On the next screen look for the "Internet Connection Type" and choose the "My Internet Connection is:" pull-down menu to select "PPPoE(Username/Password)"
  3. Once you've selected that you will see the "PPPOE INTERNET CONNECTION TYPE:" box is added lower down on that page and select the following settings:
    1. Address Mode: "Dynamic IP"
    2. User Name: Use your NCF id here, in the form of your email address - like ab123@ncf.ca
    3. Password and Verify Password - use your DSL password - which is 12 characters long
    4. The rest of the settings can be left as is.
  4. When you've entered those items, select the "Save Settings" button up near the top of the screen.