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25/10 mbps $44.95/month +HST              $56.95/month +HST   
25/10 mbps $44.95/month +HST              $56.95/month +HST   
50/10/mbps $54.96/month +HST              $67.95/month +HST   
50/10/mbps $54.96/month +HST              $67.95/month +HST   
==Other fees==
Service Installation/Upgrade Fee        $49.95 +HST
Dry Loop Installation Fee -            $19.95 +HST
Monthly Dry Loop Fee                    $7.00 +HST

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This are NCF's current pricing for DSL services:

Residental accounts

Speeds:					350 GB/month Price:             Unlimited GB/month Price:
6/0.8mbps				$32.95/month +HST               $39.95/month +HST   
7/1 mbps				$32.95/month +HST               $39.95/month +HST   
10/1 mbps				$33.95/month +HST               $43.95/month +HST   
15/1 mbps				$37.95/month +HST               $47.95/month +HST   
15/10 mbps				$39.95/month +HST               $49.95/month +HST   
25/10 mbps				$44.95/month +HST               $56.95/month +HST   
50/10/mbps				$54.96/month +HST               $67.95/month +HST   

Other fees

Service Installation/Upgrade Fee        $49.95 +HST
Dry Loop Installation Fee -             $19.95 +HST
Monthly Dry Loop Fee                    $7.00 +HST

Organizational accounts

Speeds:					Unlimited GB/month Price:
6/0.8mbps				$49.95/month +HST
16/1 mbps				$54.95/month +HST
16/10 mbps				$59.95/month +HST
25/10 mbps				$64.95/month +HST
50/10/mbps				$69.96/month +HST

Note: Registered not-for-profits and charities are eligible for a 15% discount on these rates.