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Getting Started (Dial-up)

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Dial-up Quick Configuration Info

NCF currently operates one pool of modems:

Phone Number   Max Users   Type
  23   PPP or text

Please note that long distance charges may apply outside your local calling area.

To set up your computer for dial-up connection to NCF and the internet, please follow the step by step instructions below for the type of system you use:

  • For setting up older computers using the text system (Freeport), please click here

What phone number do I use to dial into NCF?

Consult the table at the top-right.

What equipment do I need?

You need a computer with a modem, and a telephone line. Your computer must have a jack for the phone line and a telephone modem. This was common on computers in the early 2000's, but later, as dial-up was displaced by higher speed broadband (eg., DSL), it has become less common and even rare for a computer to have a dial-up modem as standard equipment. Be sure to enquire. A dial-up modem is usually inexpensive (perhaps $20).

To browse the internet, you will need a web browser such as FireFox or Internet Explorer.

How much connection time can I get?

NCF operates over 300 modem lines, shared by members. Connection time is unlimited from midnight to noon, and unlimited from noon to midnight unless all modems become busy. If all modems become busy, total connect time from noon to midnight may sum to at least two hours per day.


During non-peak time, from midnight to noon, you may connect for as long as you like. (In busy times, these connections may be limited to one hour at a time.) You can also connect for five minutes at a time to get/send your email anytime.

Does NCF offer high-speed access to the Internet?

Yes, NCF offers high-speed DSL internet access. DSL technology ('Digital Subscriber Line') gives you high-speed internet access over your existing telephone line, always available, without blocking your telephone. It's up to 50 times faster than a regular dialup connection.

For more details, please see our DSL page where you can also sign up.