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Installing your DSL Gateway

DSL Quick Configuration Info
VPI / VCI (ADSL) 0.35
Protocol PPPoE
DSL username (eg. aa999@ncf.ca)
DSL Password Starts with 'ncf' (not the same

as your NCF Start Page login)

Note: If your modem was obtained from NCF, do not use the Setup CD provided with the modem -- your modem has already been preconfigured.

Installation is easy; here's how:

  1. Plug one end of the telephone cord that came with the modem directly into the wall jack nearest to the computer and the other end into the jack at the back of the modem.

    Important: Do not use a DSL filter on this line to the DSL modem (it would block the DSL signal). Also, it's best not to use a phone line extension on this line; if it's a distance to your computer, it's better to use a longer ethernet cable rather than a longer phone cable.

  2. Plug a telephone filter into telephone jacks throughout the house where there is a device attached (e.g., telephone, answering machine, fax), except the DSL modem. Having a device without a filter will cause a lot of disturbance on your phone line and may cause your modem to not work optimally.

  3. Connect the power supply to the back of the modem and to an electrical outlet.

  4. Turn on the modem, using the on/off button at the back. Wait until the lights stop flashing and are solidly green (this may take a few minutes).

  5. Plug one end of the yellow Ethernet cable into the port at the back of the modem and the other end into your computer. When the DSL light is solid green, you are ready to browse the internet.

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