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DSL modems contain a computer comparable to a desktop or laptop computer running a UNIX operating system. For the purposes of configuring it, there are several ways to 'talk' with that computer, and the easiest way is to use a web browser.

Open a web browser on any computer connected by ethernet or wireless to your DSL modem. Type in the address bar of your browser:

http://dsldevice.lan   (or )

and press Enter. It seems like you are asking for a page from an internet website, but actually that is the address of your DSL modem, and it will respond with a web page.

If you are prompted for a Username and Password, enter:

Username: Administrator
Password: (enter here the password provided to you by NCF for your modem)

If the modem was pre-configured by NCF, the password is provided to you on a piece of paper with your modem package; it is not the same as your NCF StartPage password. If your modem was not pre-configured by NCF, try entering the default password of blank.

Once logged in, the modem will display the web interface page.