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Router Configuration

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This page deals with configuring a wifi router to work with a DSL modem.

Router Configuration

When a separate router is used with your NCF modem, the typical setup is to put the modem into Bridge mode and have the router do the user authentication. The name of that authentication setting is called "PPPoE" (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet).

You should be able to configure your router by simply connecting the unit to your computer with an ethernet cable and accessing the built-in configuration page though your web browser. The address for the user interface, to be entered in your browser's location bar, is often written on the bottom of the unit, or in the router's user manual.

General router configuration information

Once you can edit the router's interface enter:

  1. Under "Connection type" (or similar term) Select "PPPoE"
  2. Under "Account Name", enter in your NCF ID (same format as ab123@ncf.ca)
  3. Under "Password", enter your DSL password. Enter it in again under "Verify Password" if required
  4. Under "Service Name", check your router manual or leave it blank.

How to configure some specific router models

Routers Reconfigured with Open Source Software

Some routers, like the LinkSys WRT-54G, may have been reconfiigured by replacing the orginal software with different software. The replacement software is normally Linux-based, and it may not be possible to set up the router by following the instructions in the original documentation.

In such a case, try doing a "factory reset" by holding the reset button for 30 seconds or more, and possiblity turning the router off and holding the reset button again while turning the router on.

Afer a sucessful factory reset,

  • the administrative user ID is likely to be "root" instead of something like "admin" or "Administrator"
  • the default password is likely to be blank instead of something like "password"

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