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Cable Modems for Sale
Modem Condition DOCSIS Version Firmware Network WiFi Warranty Price
Hitron CODA-4680 New DOCSIS 3.1 Rogers Yes, WiFi AC 1 year $ 225.00 + HST
Hitron CODA-45 New DOCSIS 3.1 Rogers, Cogeco No 1 year $ 175.00 + HST
Technicolor TC4400 New DOCSIS 3.1 SR701343-190628-D Rogers No 1 year $ 175.00 + HST
SmartRG SR808ac New DOCSIS 3.0 Cogeco Yes, WiFi AC 1 year $ 185.00 + HST


Modems may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. To be eligible for refund modems must be returned
in good and working condition, in original packaging, and including all cables and instructions.