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{{Template:Modem Links}}
  <div class="ncfboxtitle ncfcenter">Modem</div>
  <div class="ncfboxcontents">
*[[Modem Configuration (DSL)]]
*[[Dynamic DNS]]
*[[Modem Installation (DSL)]]
*[[Modem lights]]
*[[Modem manuals (DSL)]]
*[[Misfortune Cookie vulnerability of TP-Link modem/router]]
*[[Modem modes (DSL)]]
*[[Port forwarding]]
*[[Restart your modem periodically]]
*[[Router Configuration]]
*[[Tips (DSL)]]
*[[DSL modem web interface]]
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{{Template:Troubleshooting DSL Links}}
  <div class="ncfboxtitle ncfcenter">Troubleshooting</div>
  <div class="ncfboxcontents">
*[https://www.ncf.ca/ncf/dg/index.jsp?dg=82 Help Desk Discussion Group- DSL only]
*[[Dry copper]]
*[[DSL speed]]
*[[Home wiring (DSL)]]
*[[KRACK Vulnerability]]
*[[Line stats (DSL)]]
*[[Managing your monthly DSL bandwidth usage]]
*[[Speed test (DSL)]]
*[[Troubleshooting (DSL)]]
<div class="ncfbox w-20 ncfboxborder">
{{Template:Home Network Links}}
  <div class="ncfboxtitle ncfcenter">NCF</div>
  <div class="ncfboxcontents">
*[[DSL cancellation]]
*[[Community Access Fund (CAF)]]
*[[DSL changes]]
*[[Copyright Infringement]]
*[[DSL moves]]
*[[About NCF DSL Processes]]
*[[NCF DSL Rates]]
*[[DSL Terms of Service]]
*[[What to expect (DSL)]]
<div class="ncfbox w-20 ncfboxborder">
{{Template:My Support Options}}
  <div class="ncfboxtitle ncfcenter">The Internet</div>
  <div class="ncfboxcenter">
*[[About WiFi]]
*[[Alternatives to DSL]]
*[[Stages of DSL connection-making]]
*[[Virtual Private Networks]]
<div class="ncfbox w-20 ncfboxborder">
  <div class="ncfboxtitle ncfcenter">My Account & Membership</div>
  <div class="ncfboxcontents">
* [[Account & Membership]]
* [https://www.ncf.ca/ncf/home/tools/preferences.jsp Account Preferences]
* [https://www.ncf.ca/ncf/home/tools/password.jsp Change Password]
* [https://www.ncf.ca/ncf/donate/renew.jsp Renew Account]
* [https://www.ncf.ca/ncf/home/tools/showAccount.jsp Donation or Payment]
* [https://www.ncf.ca/ncf/support/officeMsgMgr.jsp Check Open Tickets]
* [https://www.ncf.ca/ncf/home/tools/notificationsLog.jsp Notification Log]
*[[Zimbra]] - NCF's webmail
'''DSL Account Links'''<br>
* [https://www.ncf.ca/ncf/home/tools/dslStatement.jsp DSL Statement]
* [https://www.ncf.ca/ncf/home/tools/dslUsage.jsp DSL Usage]
* [https://www.ncf.ca/ncf/home/tools/dslLineStats.jsp DSL Line Statistics]
* [https://www.ncf.ca/ncf/home/tools/authLogHome.jsp DSL Authentication Log]

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