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To find the speed of your DSL connection, try a speed test website and and click on Start. It will time how long it takes to download and upload test files to their site to tell you the speed of your connection.

A proper test of your connection should use an Ethernet wired connection. If you test both Ethernet and Wi-Fi and find a difference in speed then that is due to the losses and interference involved in Wi-Fi. For more information see about wireless.

It is normal for the download speed to be much faster than the upload speed. This is intentional, so that you are able to download big files quickly.

Normal, good results for 6 Mbps service would be something like 5.2 Mbps download, and about 600 Kbps upload.

If your results are not as good as you would expect, try asking your neighbours what speeds they are getting. That will give you an indication of how well your neighbourhood is being served by Bell. If your speeds are slower than your neighbours then check Troubleshooting for ideas on what to check to improve your DSL performance.

Speed tests:

Note: Because different test servers are located in different geographical places their results will not be comparable to each other and testing the same DSL connection on different speed tests will give different results. If you use a speed test to monitor your connection over time, then always use the same test.