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   <div class="ncfboxtitle ncfcenter">TP-Link 8616</div>
   <div class="ncfboxtitle ncfcenter">TP-Link TD-8616</div>
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Latest revision as of 12:29, 26 May 2021

TP-Link TD-8616
 TP-Link 8616 Front TP-Link 8616 Back

Strictly a modem, does not have the capability to dynamically assign an IP address to any hosts. Use modem manual for configuration (Especially Section 3.1)

Configuring on a computer with more than one Ethernet interface requires that you temporarily disable one of them, due to the 8616's lack of DHCP services. So, issue a terminal command of "ifconfig eth0 down" before configuring the modem. The modem only requires a VPI and VCI. It is not necessary to specify PVC2.