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Use Your Own Modem

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If you currently own a cable modem, you might be able to use that modem with NCF's cable service.

Each network vendor certifies and approves cable modem hardware and firmware versions for use on their network infrastructure. This certification process tests the operation of the modem and firmware on the network to ensure optimal performance and stability of the hardware.

On the Rogers network

If your service is chronically sub-optimal, below are some possible problems and possible solutions.

New Sign-ups

If you own one of the following cable modems, and the firmware version of your modem matches the firmware version for your make and model below, you can use your cable modem with NCF's cable internet service.

Cable Modems Eligible For Sign-ups (on the Rogers network)
Manufacturer Model DOCSIS Support Firmware Version
CBN CD8000 3.1
Hitron CODA-45 3.1 or
Hitron CODA-4680 3.1
Technicolor TC4400 3.1 SR7011343-190628-D
Technicolor CGA4234DGW 3.1 CGA4234-P15-13-CA902-c0200r181-191007
CBN CH8568 3.1 CH8568-
Sercomm DM1000 3.1 V1.12.03.011

Last updated 20/09/2022

- As of June 1, 2021, only DOCSIS 3.1 cable modems can be used for new activations on the Rogers network.

Service Transfers

If you are considering transferring cable internet service from another ISP to NCF, you may continue to use your own modem and firmware version is below:

There are additional cable modem options when transferring service to NCF. This is because any DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems certified by Rogers and currently provisioned on its network can continue to receive service even if transferred to another ISP on the Rogers network.

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