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SpeedTouch 585 DSL modems are capable of serving as a base station for wireless connections to WiFi-equipped computers.

The wireless capability can be turned off (disabled) by configuring the modem. If off, the WLAN light is unlit.

If enabled, the modem will support wireless connections according to how it has been configured. The main configuration consideration is what security mode to use. NCF recommends using teh highest security mode that your computers can support; generally, this means WPA-PSK.

The configured security mode is indicated by the colour of the WLAN light on your modem. Green means wireless is enabled and the modem has been configured for WPA-PSK.

For information about configuring the modem and your computer for wireless, please consult the manual for your modem.

Troubleshooting Wireless

Most problems with wireless have to do with interferences from other wireless or electronic devices, or signal strength problems (eg., due to obstructions or distance).

(More text required here: talk about solving channel conflicts)