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NCF Workshops 2018

Upcoming NCF Workshops

Past NCF Workshops

Windows 10 — the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:

Windows 10 represents a considerable change from Windows 7 and an evolutionary refinement from Windows 8.1. Chris Taylor, President of the Ottawa PC Users’ Group, will talk about some of the important changes both visible and “under the hood”. If you find Windows 10 confusing, or just want to know more about what's hidden, this session is for you.

Computer Basics:

This workshop includes content on the basics of your computer, from connecting your mouse and keyboard, to types of memory, installing a new program, creating short-cuts, to how to turn on your wi-fi, use a USB port and more!

Office suites/word processing:

This workshop includes the basics on different office suites (MS Office vs. LibreOffice), how to start a document, save it, and retrieve it. As well as different file types, and how to change font size, page alignment, numbering, margins etc.

Basic internet/web browsing:

This workshop includes an overview of different browsers, bookmarking, how to optimize your search results, and some basics on safe web-surfing.

Basics of computer and internet security:

This workshop digs into malware, how to create strong passwords, how to set-up secure wi-fi, and anti-virus programs.


This workshop covers browser-based email vs using a mail client, IMAP vs POP, attaching documents and images, and a detailed exploration of spam/spoofing/phishing and how to avoid them.


This workshop includes an overview of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone services, as well as Skype and similar programs.