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Upcoming NCF Workshops

Past NCF Workshops

Windows 10 — the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:

Windows 10 represents a considerable change from Windows 7 and an evolutionary refinement from Windows 8.1. Chris Taylor, President of the Ottawa PC Users™ Group, will talk about some of the important changes both visible and under the hood. If you find Windows 10 confusing, or just want to know more about what's hidden, this session is for you.

Computer Basics:

This workshop includes content on the basics of your computer, from connecting your mouse and keyboard, to types of memory, installing a new program, creating short-cuts, to how to turn on your wi-fi, use a USB port and more!

Office suites/word processing:

This workshop includes the basics on different office suites (MS Office vs. LibreOffice), how to start a document, save it, and retrieve it. As well as different file types, and how to change font size, page alignment, numbering, margins etc.

Basic internet/web browsing:

This workshop includes an overview of different browsers, bookmarking, how to optimize your search results, and some basics on safe web-surfing.

Basics of computer and internet security:

This workshop digs into malware, how to create strong passwords, how to set-up secure wi-fi, and anti-virus programs.


This workshop covers browser-based email vs using a mail client, IMAP vs POP, attaching documents and images, and a detailed exploration of spam/spoofing/phishing and how to avoid them.


This workshop includes an overview of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone services, as well as Skype and similar programs.