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WiFi Changes for Hitron Modems

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Changing 5Ghz band WiFi Name

1 a. Using an Ethernet cable plug into one of the yellow LAN Ports at the back of the Hitron modem.

1 b. Connect to the Wireless Network you set up initially for your Hitron Modem.

2. Open an Internet browser on your computer and connect to the modem by typing in the address bar.

3. Enter the username and password for the login page.

  • Username: cusadmin
  • Password: WiFi password used during initial setup
Hitron Login Screen
Hitron modem Login Page

4. On the top menu bar, select 'Wireless'

Hitron WiFi toolbar

5. On the 2.4 Ghz tab, ensure WPS is OFF and the Auth mode is WPA2-PSK. Save your settings

Hitron WiFi 2.4Ghz

6. On the 5Ghz tab, change the Network Name (SSID) to be different from the 2.4Ghz name. We recommend adding ' 5Ghz' to the end. Save your settings.

Hitron WiFi 5Ghz

You will then need to add the 5Ghz band to your devices, and if you wish to use it exclusively, you will need to remove or 'Forget' the 2.4Ghz band.