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How do I move my DSL to a new address?

  • Check that your new address has DSL available by filling out the yellow box on our registration form or by calling our help desk. We only offer DSL service in Ontario and Québec.
  • We need at least 5 business days notice to schedule the installation. Typically, someone needs to be home for the installation, so let us know if there is a day you prefer, and your preference of morning (8am - 12pm), afternoon (12pm - 5pm), or evening (5pm - 9pm). Note that only morning or afternoon appointments are available on Saturday, and Sundays and holidays are not available.
  • There is a DSL install fee to move your service, refer to our [pricing page](link to rates page) for the current price. Since the same fee applies to any changes to DSL, it's a good time to change the speed of your plan when you are moving since you are already paying the fee.
  • You can request the move through our website or by calling the help desk.

What is the return policy for modems purchased from NCF?

  • New modems can be returned for a refund within 30 days and can be replaced under warranty within 1 year
  • Refurbished modems and routers can be returned for a refund within 30 days and can be replaced under warranty within 90 days

How can I make payments to NCF?

  • We can take automatic payments for your monthly bill from a Visa, MasterCard, or from your bank account if you provide us the account number or a void cheque.
  • You can make one-time payments by phone or online by credit card or e-transfer. To pay via etransfer:
    • Send e-transfers to etransfer@ncf.ca
    • No security question is required.
    • memo: aa000 (your NCF account ID)
  • You can also make payments in our office by cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard, cheque. We also accept post-dated cheques for each month of service.
    • In office payment for hardware and for the installation fee can only be made by cash, debit, or credit card.

Learn more about your payment and donation options.

Is there a fine/interest on late payment?

  • No. Currently there is no fines/interest associated with late payment, however, for DSL accounts that owe more than $20 will have their account disabled and not have service after three email alerts are sent to the member.

Why is my account disabled?

  • Members who owe balance ($20 or more) on their account will have their DSL account disabled after 10 business days and 3 consecutive email alerts are sent to the member.
  • Members who have their DSL account in disabled state for 45 days will have their account permanently disabled and removed.

What is the cancellation policy?

  • Members can cancel their DSL service or account at anytime. Refund is provided for the unused days in the billing period or the member can donate the balance to NCF.
  • When we receive your cancellation, we'll send a confirmation email for your records. If you don't receive a confirmation email, assume that we did not receive your request to cancel your service and that we will continue to bill the monthly fee.
  • At NCF there is no long-term contract, no penalty fees, no hassles or need to return your modem (it's yours, you own it, you keep it!) and no high-pressure sales pitches.
  • Cancellation of DSL services does not automatically cancel your NCF membership.

Will I get refunds for unused DSL services?

Should NCF, through its third party supplier, be unable to provide service for any reason when the service is initiated:

  • A full refund for services will be provided to the member.
  • A full refund for the modem will be provided to the member, if the modem was purchased from NCF (as verified by the serial number) and is returned within 30 days of the purchase date with all packaging material and in the same condition in which it was sold.
  • Should NCF be unable to provide service during any time as a direct result of issues with the third party supplier provision of the service, a credit for length of time of the outage will be given to the member.
  • Outages or inability to use the service that is directly related to member-provided equipment, wiring within the premises or any other factor, will not be refunded or credited. Essentially, if we can get a refund from our supplier, then we will pass this refund on to you.

How do I suspend my DSL service when I won't be using it?

  • We can suspend your service so you don't pay the full price, but we still need to charge $20 per month, plus the dry-loop fee if applicable, to maintain the connection on your line.
  • If you'll be away for more than about 2 months, it's less expensive to disconnect the service and reconnect it when you return, since you pay only the activation fee instead of the monthly connection fee. In this case, we need 5 business days notice to schedule the re-connection.