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Apple Airport Router Configuration

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This page details how to set up an Apple Airport Express wifi router to work with a modem.

How to configure the Apple Airport Router

Apple Airport Express wifi router

Steps for setting up an Airport Express with PPPoE settings:

  1. Turn on the Apple Airport and select it with your wireless connection if you can, or plug in an ethernet cable into its network interface from your computer.
  2. On your Mac, go to "Applications" and select "Utilities" folder
  3. Find "Airport Utility" in there and launch it. It should bring up a window for the utility, with your Airport device along the left side.
  4. At the bottom of the screen choose "Manual Setup"
  5. Up at the very top of the Airport Utility's window, select "Internet" and then select the "Internet Connection" icon. It looks like a glass ball.
  6. Beside "Connect Using" Select "PPPoE"
    1. Under "Account Name", put in your NCF ID "ab123@ncf.ca"
    2. Under "Password", put your DSL password. Put it in again under "Verify Password"
  7. Then choose "Update" to apply those choices.

The Airport should be able to connect through your bridge-mode configured modem to set up your NCF service now. Ensure your Airport is connected to your modem, and your modem is connected to the phone line. Power them all up and wait a few minutes for everything to connect.

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