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[[Category:Account & Membership]]
[[Category:Account & Membership]]

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Beta Testing Group

NCF Beta Testing Group consists of members willing to assist NCF Staff in testing proposed changes in a controlled environment before rolling it out to all members. Email beta@ncf.ca to join the Beta Testing Group or if you have any questions.


  1. Participation in the Beta Testing Group is voluntary. Members can opt in and opt out of Beta Testing Group at anytime.
  2. Participation in each Test Case is by invitation after a screening process by NCF staff.
    • A member may not be invited to participate in a Test Case if they have a pending trouble ticket or service issue that will taint the interpretation of testing results.
  3. Members can opt in or opt of each Test Case they're invited to.
  4. Members will generally participate in one Test Case at a time
  5. NCF will not provide direct monetary compensation for testing (e.g. Compensation for time or expertise)
    • NCF may however pass on incentives for testing hardware and services when available.
  6. Members can abandon a Test Case if service disruptions occur and contact the Help Desk for help troubleshooting their service issue.


  1. A member may request to join the Beta Testing Group by emailing beta@ncf.ca.
  2. Most communication with Beta testers will be by email.
  3. Beta Testers who pass Test Case suitability screening will be sent an invitation to join a Test Case.
  4. The Test Case invitation will include a Test Case Plan to members with the following details:
    • Opt In Period: adequate notice to opt into a Test Case.
    • Testing Period: Start and end date.
    • Goals: defining what is being tested.
    • Background: Explain why tested in being done.
    • Requirements Clear directions on what's need from Beta Testers during the Testing period.
      • Schedule of Testing Activities
      • Test Constraints Will specify if and when testers are allow to Tinker with test elements. E.g. for the first 24 hours please make no changes to the modem so we can measure line performance.
      • Escape Plan Describe clearly what can go wrong during testings and what testers should do if things seem to go wrong (before contacting Help Desk).
    • Feedback Survey for testers.
    • Report Provide a summary to testers on what was discovered or determined during testing.
  5. The Test Case is closed by returning testers accounts to a normal state including but not limited to the return of testing equipment.

Service Disruptions during Testing

  1. If you encounter any service disruptions or issues during testing, your first option is to consult the Escape Plan provided with your Test Case Plan where available.
  2. You are allowed to abandone testing at any point to restore your service. For example, during modem testing, you may choose to revert to an old modem to attempt restoring your service.
  3. Contact the Help Desk by emailing support@ncf.ca or calling 613-721-1773 x0
  4. You may resume testing after a service disruption is resolved if you wish to. Your can update your Test Case ticket with any changes, disruptions and issues encountered during testing.

Test Areas

  1. Hardware - modems, routers and accessories
  2. Network
  3. Products and Services