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Disposable email addresses

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This article describes NCF's disposable email addresses and how to use them.

Avoid spammers by using NCF's disposable email addresses

If you give out your email address, you might get spam in return. To reduce the exposure of your real email address, you can give out a disposable email address (an alias) instead. Your real e-mail address will still be there, in less visible headers.

Often when signing up for something on the internet, they require you to provide an email address. But what if they sell it to spammers? For this purpose, NCF created disposable email addresses.

How to use NCF's disposable email addresses

It works like this: Go to the disposable email address page and create a new email address. Describe it so later you'll know who you gave it to. NCF's computer will create a disposable address that you can then use as required. Any email sent to that address will arrive in your regular mailbox.

If later you decide you do not want to hear from that source again, just delete the disposable address and future e-mail sent to it will bounce back as undeliverable.

If you are using the NCF Zimbra webmail system then you can also select the disposable address as your outgoing address when composing a message to protect the identity of your real address and make the disposable address act like a regular address. Most e-mail clients, like Mozilla Thunderbird, will also allow setting a the outgoing address as the disposable address.

How many can disposable addresses can you have?

As many as you like.

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