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Today most people have windows-based graphical operating systems on their personal computer, but it wasn't like that when NCF started in 1992. Back in 1992, most people had DOS, which supported only 25 rows of 80 text characters. The text-based system that NCF operated back then was called FreePort. FreePort consists of text-based mail readers, information menus, newsgroup readers, and so on -- and later, even a text-based web browser (it displays text but no images).

Though today most NCF members use web browsers, some NCF members still enjoy text-based Freeport to check email and read newsgroups; it is simple and fast, and works well for special needs. However, Freeport does not support more advanced NCF and internet services.

There are two ways to connect to FreePort: 1) direct modem connection, and 2) using telnet (via PPP modem or over the internet). To connect to Freeport via telnet, go to