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Newsgroups are no longer supported by NCF

You can search for specific newsgroups, like comp.lang.python, on Google Groups.

What are newsgroups?

Newsgroups were an early feature of NCF (and the internet). They operate like a 'virtual bulletin board', where people can post and reply to messages. Typically a newsgroup is dedicated to a particular topic. There are hundreds of newsgroups at NCF and over 15,000 newsgroups on the internet.

Newsgroups were popular in the early days of the internet, but spam (unwanted junk posting from advertisers) and the development of easier-to-use web-based alternatives have diminished their stature and popularity.

How do I read newsgroups?

To view or post to a newsgroup, you need software called a 'newsreader', which is built into some mail readers.

After configuring your mail or newsreader (the link is to old material but pending replacement, it gives the basic idea), you can open a newsgroup simply by clicking on a link to it or by selecting it from within your reader. Getting set up to use newsgroups is like using an email program. It takes some work to set up, but is easy to use thereafter.

NCF's news server is news.ncf.ca and requires your NCF account ID and password. If you are connected directly through our modem pool, you can read all the newsgroups NCF has available. If you are connected through another provider, you can read all NCF (ncf.*) newsgroups via our news server. You can also read any non-NCF newsgroups through your other provider's news server.

Please note that due to its age, this NCF service is no longer maintained and may be discontinued without warning if the ancient hardware it runs on fails.