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Registering with NCF makes you a member, which gives you access to many services and also a say in how your organization is run.

What do I get when I register?

When you register, you become an NCF membership. As a NCF member, you get:

  • an account ID (e.g. ab123), which gives you access to all NCF services, such as dial-up access, email, discussion groups and more,
  • an email address, which is simply your account ID followed by '@ncf.ca' (e.g. ab123@ncf.ca), and
  • web hosting for your web pages.

What is an organizational account?

If you run a business or a community organization, you might want to apply for an organizational account.

You have to be a NCF member to register for an organizational account. If you are not a NCF member, you need to register to become a member first.

As a NCF member, you will already have a personal account ID (e.g. ab123). When you register for an organizational account, you will get:

  • an organization account ID (e.g. ya482),
  • a customized web address in the form of http://yourOrg.ncf.ca, and
  • a customized email address in the format: yourOrg@ncf.ca.

It is a good idea to have separate personal and organizational accounts. For example, if you decide to leave the organization, the organization account can be transferred to another person and you can continue to use NCF services with your personal account.

How do I apply for an organizational account?

Apply for an organizational account. A minimum of $100 donation is required to register for an organizational account. That donation level must be maintained on an annual basis to keep the account active.

Can I have multiple organizational accounts?

As a NCF member, you can have as many organizational accounts as you want.