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|$104.95/month + HST
|$104.95/month + HST
| colspan="6" align="center" |<!--* '''ON''': 13% HST; '''QC''': 5% GST-->
| colspan="6" align="left" |<!--* '''ON''': 13% HST; '''QC''': 5% GST-->


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Organizational Cable Monthly Pricing
Speeds (Up To) Usage Network Price
Current Plans
Cable 30/5 Mbps Unlimited Rogers $59.95/month + HST
Cable 75/10 Mbps Unlimited Rogers $68.95/month + HST
Cable 500/20 Mbps Unlimited Rogers $104.95/month + HST


- Service is available in Ontario only.

- Registered not-for-profits and charities are eligible for a 15% discount on the organizational account rates.

- The Cable 1024/30 plan is not available for Organizations.

- Static IPs are not available with cable internet service.

- Installation and Change Fees apply for installations, moves, speed changes, and modem changes.