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(Created page with "{| class="wikitable" |+Organizational DSL Rates !Speed (Up To) !DSL Type !Unlimited Usage on Active Bell Line !Unlimited Usage on Dry Loop |- |6/0.8 Mbps |ADSL |$49.95/month...")
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{| class="wikitable"
{| class="wikitable"
|+Organizational DSL Rates
|+Organizational DSL Rates
!Speed (Up To)
!Speeds (Up To)
!DSL Type
!DSL Type
!Unlimited Usage  
!Unlimited Usage  

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Organizational DSL Rates
Speeds (Up To) DSL Type Unlimited Usage

on Active Bell Line

Unlimited Usage

on Dry Loop

6/0.8 Mbps ADSL $49.95/month + tax* $56.95/month + tax*
10/1 Mbps ADSL $49.95/month + tax* $56.95/month + tax*
10/7 Mbps VDSL $49.95/month + tax* $56.95/month + tax*
15/1 Mbps ADSL $54.95/month + tax* $61.95/month + tax*
15/10 Mbps VDSL $59.95/month + tax* $66.95/month + tax*
25/10 Mbps VDSL $64.95/month + tax* $71.95/month + tax*
50/10 Mbps VDSL $69.95/month + tax* $76.95/month + tax*
* ON: 13% HST; QC: 5% GST
Note: Registered not-for-profits and charities are eligible to a 15% discount on the organizational account rates.