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with separate WiFi Router

NCF Support is available to make configuring your SmartRG modem easier and to help you avoid potential mistakes. Here are simpler configuration options for your SmartRG modem:

  1. You can request a custom configuration file for your NCF DSL connection from support@ncf.ca.
    • You may need an alternate means of accessing the internet to download the configuration file.
  2. Call 613-721-1773 x0 to book a Modem Appointment.

Configure your modem for Routed Operation

If you have a router, we recommend the following configuration steps:

1. Follow the configuration steps outline for Routed Operation with WiFi and make the following changes:

  • Under Wireless, Uncheck the Enable Wireless Option,
  • Click Apply/Save

Router Configuration

2. On your router, set the Connection Mode or Type to Automatic IP, Automatic DHCP or Dynamic IP mode.