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WiFi Analyzer for MacOS

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How to get the recommended channels on 2.4GHz wifi to minimize the effects of WiFi Interference at Your Premises

1. Holding down the Option key, click on the WiFi Icon in the Title Bar.

2. Click on Open Wireless Diagnostics, a Wireless Diagnostics Introduction page will open. Ignore it.

3. From the Title Bar, click on the Window menu and then click on Scan from the drop down menu.

4. In the Scan window, you will find a list of WiFi networks around your premises on the right and a Summary section on the left.

5. Click on Scan Now and wait about 5 seconds until the Scan Now button is clickable again.

6. The Summary section on the left should be updated with the latest scan results and a Best 2.4 GHz channel recommendation. The numbers listed as Best 2.4 GHz indicated the channels with the least interference around your premises.

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