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Zimbra: Thunderbird Calendar

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Zimbra is NCF's WebMail server.

NCF supports IMAP (recommended) and POP (alternative) access via Mozilla Thunderbird to the NCF Zimbra (NCF WebMail) server.

Zimbra also supports synchronization of the Zimbra Calendar (your NCF calendar) with a Thunderbird calendar.

The synchronization interface is subject to change and NCF members should obtain up-to-date information directly from Zimbra:

As of 2-18-08-09, these links carry two warnings:

  • "This article is a Work in Progress, and may be unfinished or missing sections."
  • "This article is a Community contribution and may include unsupported customizations."

Additional information can be obtained via a Google search of the Zimbra site: thunderbird sync calendar site:zimbra.com

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