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Zimbra: Thunderbird Contacts

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Zimbra calendar and contacts follow the CalDAV and ContactDAV standards.

For Thunderbird, you need to install the "Zindus" contacts addon. Go to Tools -> Addons, and search for "Zindus".

Once you have the Zindus component installed, the steps to sync your Zimbra contacts are as follows:

a. Tools -> Zindus b. click on 'Add' c. select "Zimbra" d. Server Url: https://mail.ncf.ca/ e. Enter your email address and password, should be "ab123@ncf.ca" and your password f. Select "No" for the Global Address List/GAL g. Click on "Test Connection"

If it worked, you should be set. Click 'Sync now' if you like, and then 'OK'.

zindus_1.jpg zindus_2.jpg zindus_3.jpg zindus_4.jpg zindus_5.jpg