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WiFi Analyzer for Windows 10

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WiFi Analyzers: Windows | Windows 10 | Android | iOS | MacOS | Linux

How to Check the WiFi interference at your Premises and Produce a Report for NCF

1. From the Windows 10 desktop, Click the Windows button, and type in Microsoft Store on your keyboard. Click the Microsoft Store shortcut.

Windows10 Wifi Analyzer - Opening Windows Store

2. Locate the “Search” bar that opens when Microsoft Store is accessed. Type Wifi analyzer into the search bar.

Windows10 Wifi Analyzer - Searching Windows Store

3. Select Wifi Analyzer (ensure it is the highlighted analyzer!)

Windows10 Wifi Analyzer - Selecting WiFi Analyzer

4. Click the Install button – you will be prompted to sign in if you have a Microsoft account. If you do not, this can be bypassed by clicking the X at the top of the sign-in window.

Windows10 Wifi Analyzer - Installing Wifi Analyzer

5. Launch the Wifi Analyzer by clicking Launch.

Windows10 Wifi Analyzer - Launching Wifi Analyzer

6. Allow Wifi Analyzer to turn on your Bluetooth and WLAN, and select your country from the side bar. Then click Done.

Windows10 Wifi Analyzer - Giving Bluetooth and WLAN permission and setting country

7. From the main page for the Wireless Analyzer, select Analyze.

Windows10 Wifi Analyzer - Switching to Analyze Tab

8. From the View menu on the bottom row, select SSID to label the graph with nearby network’s name.

Windows10 Wifi Analyzer - Turning on SSIDs on Analyze Tab

9. Select the ↑ arrow at the bottom of the screen to access wireless channel Recommendations.

Windows10 Wifi Analyzer - Accessing Channel Recommendations

10. Note the recommended channel listed under Recommendations. Other channels are also listed with varying suitablility according to the amount of stars they have.

Windows10 Wifi Analyzer - Viewing Channel Recommendations

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